YWILPF is a fully affiliated working group of WILPF Australia.


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YWILPF Australia Tote Bag

If you would like to help support and spread the word, you can purchase one of our YWILPF Australia Tote Bags for $15. Just click here, enter your details and we’ll cover postage within Australia!

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The Committee of 100 Women to Stop War

WILPF International invites you to become a member of the Committee of 100 as part of the Women’s Power to Stop War movement

In 1915, 1 136 visionary women came together in the Hague, Netherlands, to stop the World War I and on April 28, they founded the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). In 2015, 1 136 visionary women will again come together to participate in the second women’s peace and security conference of a century. Pledge and donate 1000 Swiss francs, USD or EUR (individuals or organisations) to become part of this historic event. Donate here.