Take Action

These are some of YWILPF’s current activities that you can be involved with:

Please contact us if you want to get involved: ywilpfaustralia@gmail.com.

The way we work and time commitments

YWILPF is an inclusive group, and new members are always welcome. Members are welcome to put forward project proposals in the spirit of YWILPF’s objectives, and we work collaboratively through face-to-face meetings and online to achieve these projects. Members have completed the following: written submissions to the CEDAW panel; collaborated on submissions to government; been interviewed for documentaries; undertaken research projects and presented findings at a Symposium at the University of Melbourne; undertaken fundraising projects (grant proposal writing, holding events).

Most of our members have full-time work, carer and life duties, and so take action for YWILPF whenever  able to commit some time to a project . You  can take action on any or all of the areas that WILPF works on without being a WILPF affiliate  (your voice is strong) through writing letters, spreading the word and involving your friends and family in the debate. Or, you can take action together with us (together our voices can become stronger!).