Young feminism

We believe that young women are important agents of change; that feminism is just as relevant and necessary as ever; that young women should be supported in their activism and that young women have a LOT to learn from other women activists.

This leads us to one of YWILPF’s central goals: to seek avenues to enhance inter-generational dialogue amongst and betwixt feminists/isms.

YWILPF exists because young women are important agents of change. They always have been. Young women experience the world in distinct ways due to the intersection of age and gender (as well as other factors such as ethnicity, class or even time in history). We  believe (and advocate) that the intersection of age and gender is an important lens through which to understand feminism, and feminist activism, and that it is an important consideration when examining power politics such as war, conflict and post-conflict reconstruction. Young women, for instance, may be more likely than older women to be direct combatants, they might also miss education during conflict, or suffer a different burden of labour and violence to others in their societies. We know that all women are overlooked in peace processes, and so, this large characterisation of “women” should encompass a broad range of experiences.