If you are a young woman, and you feel strongly about the WILPF objectives then please get involved!

Take action for peace and freedom by joining online now! Membership is $35 unwaged and $70 waged. You can join and pay via our online YWILPF Membership Form.

To re-cap, here are just some benefits of joining YWILPF:

  • Wide-ranging opportunities to get involved in ongoing women’s peace and equity projects
  • Internships in New York, Geneva, the Middle East and work with Pacific partners
  • Contact with similarly committed women in your local area
  • Opportunities to network with WILPF women in national and international arenas, and to strengthen ties with other women’s and peace groups
  • Representation of your views at national government and international arenas including the United Nations (in New York and Geneva) where WILPF has consultative status
  • Up-to-date information on issues and actions
  • Local branch newsletters and the triennial national WILPF journal Peace and Freedom
  • Regular mailings of WILPF’s international journal International Peace Update
  • And for those women with limited time or mobility, chances to make a difference through letter-writing and emailing … or simply through knowing your membership or donation is enabling all this to take place.